Meet the Team

Bill Poole - Co-Author

Bill expresses himself creatively through prose and film. His experience as a police officer and as a father makes him interested in stories where everything is at stake and characters are challenged and pushed to profound realizations. Though subject matter may come from his past in law enforcement, government, and business, his greatest inspiration is his children. 




Katie Gallardo - Co-Author

Katie grew up in a small town in rural Nebraska and has wanted to be an author for as long as she can remember. She’s been storytelling her whole life and has a degree in Creative Writing: Fiction from the University of Nebraska: Omaha. When she’s not writing, she volunteers, plays Dungeons & Dragons, and spends time with her husband and son.
Facebook: @kgallardowriter
Instagram: @kgallardowriter
TikTok: @kgallardowriter
Twitter: @kgallardowriter

Gracie Welling - Artist

Gracie grew up playing in rural Nebraska, imagining new worlds with her cousins and siblings. Early on, Gracie had a passion for art and drawing that was only fueled by her love of magical cartoons, fantastical books, and serial movies. Gracie got her degree at the University of Nebraska: Omaha in Media Arts to pursue her career in illustration and animation. 





Jake Kroeger - Artist

Jake is one of our artists who is currently in school for animation at the Kansas City Art Institute. He discovered his love for art after he prematurely ended his football career following an injury. Jake has a big family of nine, and he loves to spend time with them and his dogs! He loves video games, movies, and sports!  
Facebook: @JakesArt 
Instagram: @Jacob_46Kroeger
TikTok: @jacobkkroeger 
Twitter: @jacob_kroeger46